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Why does acting now matter?
More and more organisations – small and large – are coming out of the Proof of Concept phase of developing data models.

They’re now up to the task of putting these models into operation and let them create the promised value. To be able to bring data science models to operation, organisations need engineering capacity, called DevOps. Many companies struggle to find the right DevOps expertise to put their models to work.
Talent is scarce and above all costly.

Buy or build?

At some point in the data science journey you need to make the decision whether to buy or build the infrastructure for operationalising, managing and monitoring your data science models. The question to be answered: what is the investment?

It takes on average 6 months to operationalise one data science model. This depends on your company size and the level of expertise of your data science and engineering team.

This means that once a data science model is developed you can wait for another 6 months before it will start generating value. If the promised value is significant, the potential opportunity loss can even dwarf the actual costs of making the data science model operational.

Unfortunately, we see that many data science models will never reach operation. This is a tremendous loss of potential value.

Customer Case with Xenia

“With Xenia we are now able to deploy and manage our AI models for a tremendous amount of assets in the Dutch railway system.”

Jorn Pruntel | Director at ASSET Rail

ASSET Rail, a Dutch company active in the railway industry, has decided using Xenia for operationalizing their data science models on large scale. It would have taken them months to build an infrastructure for deploying and managing their models. With Xenia they managed to do it in hours, for 500+ assets.

To read more about ASSET Rail’s customer story click here.  

Why does acting now matter?

For companies that are the beginning of the data science journey, such as data collection and model development, it is wise to already think about later steps in the process. Not anticipating on it can have large implications later on. To help organisations we have built a ROI Calculator, to find out whether building it yourself or use a platform like Xenia is the best alternative in your situation.


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