From algorithms to value

Turn your data science efforts into products and greatly reduce your time-to-market. Bring the benefit of your work to end users and customers easily and increase your return on investment. From prototypes to Proof of Concepts to final models. All easily deployed across public/private Cloud and On Premises. Centrally managed, robust and fully secured.

Multi-cloud, Hybrid or On Premises

Xenia is available as a SaaS solution or ready to be installed in your Cloud or On Premise environments. Xenia can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster.

Integrate algorithms with existing systems using Xenia’s connectors and adapters to various types of databases.

Xenia Plans

Transparency and monitoring

It can be difficult to get a view of what your data science team is really doing. With Xenia you can easily monitor what models and code are running, where the data flows to and how much computational power is used. With Xenia’s logging and monitoring, you get critical insights when things do not go as expected.

Get insight in the quality of your models

Deliver the right quality, at the right time, to your customer or user – even on real data. Training and testing your model is only the first step. The real test for your model comes when it is running live. Here you test it on real data and get new insights about the performance. Xenia facilitates you to quickly test, compare models and do version control.

75% more efficient

Your data scientist or engineer will be 75% more efficient.

40x faster

Deploy within minutes, not months.

No dependency on specialised IT skills

With Xenia it becomes possible for your team to bring code and models live without any specialised knowledge on cloud infrastructure or DevOps practices.

For the software and IT team, Xenia provides robustness, security and transparency.

Your data science team can now focus on what they do best, developing great models and algorithms.

Data and IP security

Security of data and algorithms is a concern for every organisation. Xenia makes sure that it stays safe with you in two ways. Xenia does not store your data and comes with the highest security standards.

With detailed permission controls, you can decide who has access to projects and models and who can edit them.

You can run Xenia on your own infrastructure of choice, without data and models ever leaving your environment. Sensitive data and IP stays with you.

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Get to know Xenia!

Within 30 minutes one of our Xenia experts walks you through the solution and answers any questions you have.