Put your AI to work


Put your AI to work

Managing the lifecycle of your AI 



Up to 90% of all artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms created are never put into operation. Imagine just how much data could otherwise be used to create valuable insights. At Dutch Analytics, we believe this can be changed.

We were once in the shoes of data scientists: We had the algorithms but not the infrastructure to actually put them to work. So we built our own platform and called it Xenia.



Today, we provide the software platform that the data scientists need to let their work have an impact. We let them focus on developing algorithms while we take care of what comes next. Xenia is there to host, monitor and manage those algorithms throughout their lifecycle, with the flexibility, user-friendliness and scalability they need.



Within companies, we know that integrating data science can be a challenge. Software developers do not speak the same language as data scientists. Data scientists care about developing the best algorithms while software developers need to make it work. We help by taking care of all software dependencies for the algorithm and add monitoring, scalability and security. This will transform data science models into reliable and controllable software operations.

With Xenia, integration of algorithms into any business process becomes easy. End users can create value from their data and make fast and substantiated business decisions. By managing the algorithm lifecycle in one place, they can have better access and control over the insights they need, and never lose track of the bigger picture.

At the end of the day, our customers want to derive the right insights at the right time, day in and day out. Xenia is there to not only address their challenges; it is there to support them in a crucial step of the way.



With Xenia you can deploy and manage your analytics within minutes. Save months of work on managing deployment pipelines and dependencies.


Integrate efficiently with existing systems for data exchange. Monitor models and pipelines in a single environment. Scale automatically.


Xenia’s User Interface will help you get your models deployed without requiring any DevOps knowledge.

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Lifecycle management for your algorithms.

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