One place to deploy, manage and run your algorithms.

The Xenia platform by Dutch Analytics offers you a simple, secure and scalable environment for deployment and lifecycle management of data science models, without requiring any DevOps knowledge.

Deploy in minutes

Get your algorithms up and running. Within minutes, not months.

With Xenia you can deploy and manage your data science algorithms, AI models and scripts within minutes. Save months of work on setting up deployments, version management and dependencies.

Xenia is framework independent so you can keep using the development tooling you like. You can set the dependencies for models yourself, providing you with the flexibility for using any Python-based framework or library of choice for your data science work.

Manage & Scale

Manage it all without effort. Keep track of performance. Scale automatically. 

Keeping the overview of all your algorithms, models and scripts is difficult. We make it easy by offering version control, with easy rollbacks. You can create complex pipelines out of different models and keep track of what is happening inside. All in one place.

With intuitive monitoring and logging, you can stay on top of what’s running. Have full transparency with traceability of errors inside individual models or entire pipelines.

Our auto scaling functionality ensures efficient usage of resources, fast compute times and high data throughput.

Be independent

Have full flexibility in which data science framework, libraries or cloud provider you use.

Scikit Learn
Google Cloud

Have full flexibility in which libraries you include in your code so you can keep developing your data science products the way you like.

Xenia has no dependency on specific cloud provider services so it always fits within your existing stack.

User Interface

Transparency through an intuitive UI.

Xenia’s User Interface will help you manage everything from one web based interface. Deploy models, create data flows and pipelines, show metrics, view logs and much more. 


Connect easily with existing systems.


Manage data input and output. Xenia comes with a suite of connectors for different data management systems for establishing data connections and integrations.

Our API helps you integrate easily with your existing infrastructure.

Do you prefer to script everything? We offer client libraries to interact with the Xenia API in the language you prefer.


We care about keeping things safe.

Secure and time-limited authentication to the user interface and token authentication for programmatic API access. Two factor authentication is available as an extra layer of security. Your data is encrypted, both at rest as in transit. Control user permissions and access to projects.


Two-factor authentication

API token authentication

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