One place to deploy, manage and monitor your models.

Xenia is a platform that is being used by data scientists and engineers to bring their models to operation and create the promised value. Xenia simplifies model deployment within a single environment, so that your data scientists keep working on what matters most: data science.

Time to market

At some point you need to make the decision whether you buy or build an infrastructure to deploy models. Why is this relevant? 

It is relevant because it takes on average months to put one data science model into operation. This means not building the model itself but to activate it to get the desired outcomes from the model, 24/7. 

It takes significant effort before you can go to market with your model. This effort will not come from data scientists, but needs to come from specialised IT engineers, called DevOps engineers. Many data science models never materialise, because companies lack DevOps resources. This means a great potential value for your business will get lost. 

Xenia makes sure that any type of model will get into operation, not in months but minutes.

Scarce IT talent

Every team needs ideally 1 DevOps engineer for every 5 Data Scientists. Many organisations struggle, however, to find the DevOps expertise to deploy their models. Talent is scarce and above all costly.

Xenia enables you to extend your team fivefold, without needing extra DevOps capacity. See what this means: Data Science vs DevOps.

We have built a ROI Calculator to find out how much your data science team will benefit from Xenia.


The integration of data science into existing processes and teams is a top challenge that lies ahead for managers. To let models work, you need both Data Scientists and DevOps engineers. They speak different languages.

Data Scientists experiment, whereas DevOps focus on reproducibility and continuity. Xenia makes sure that Data Scientists and DevOps engineers can work together. Read more how Xenia does this: From Silo’s to Collaboration.


Security of data and models is a concern for every organisation. Xenia makes sure that it stays safe with you in two ways.

You can run Xenia on your own infrastructure of choice, without letting your data and models leave your environment. Sensitive data and IP stays with you.

Xenia comes with the highest security standards, such as encryption and two-factor-authentication.

Interested in the data and science aspects of using Xenia?

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We provide Xenia Free for your Data Scientists to discover whether Xenia is the right tool for your organisation. With Xenia Free your colleagues are able to deploy their own models in real life. 

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