Our Story


90% of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms created never make it to production. At Dutch Analytics we believe this can be changed. We were once in the shoes of data scientists: we had the algorithms but not the infrastructure to actually deploy, scale and manage them. So, we built Xenia.


Xenia is the software platform data science teams need to let their work have impact. Data scientists can fully focus on developing algorithms while we take care of what comes next. Xenia is there to host, monitor and manage algorithms with the speed, scalability and user-friendliness data scientists need.

We know that for IT teams integrating and deploying algorithms can be a challenge. Controllability, security and integration of software is their top priority. By using Xenia, IT teams can transform data science models into reliable and controllable software operations in a secure way. By managing algorithms in one place, they have access and control over the insights they need and never lose track of the bigger picture.


With Xenia integration of algorithms into any business process becomes easy. At the end of the day our customers want to derive the right insights at the right time, day in and day out. Xenia is there to not only address their challenges; it is there to support them in a crucial step of the way.

Dutch Analytics

Dutch Analytics was founded in December 2016 and is a fast growing software startup based in The Hague, The Netherlands. With 20 colleagues from 7 different countries we have the mission to make the work of data scientists and IT teams everyday more impactful and effortless.

We like to work in agile teams where results count. We like great coffee, go on team activities and play a game of pool.
We take full responsibility for our work and we shape together our company during its pioneering phase. It is a daring adventure where you will explore, experiment and undertake.
We are always looking for our next talent.

Join our journey and build the leading AI hosting platform with us.

Are you ready?

Formeel Teamfoto


Jorick Naber

Jorick Naber is the COO of Dutch Analytics. He joined the team in December 2017. Previously he has been active as co-founder and Director of Operations and Projects of Type22, a Delft University of Technology start-up delivering self service products to airports. Which was acquired by leading aviation IT supplier SITA in 2015.

Building a company that develops surprising products by combining technology and creativity is Jorick’s passion. With a team of inspiring and excellent people. Where trust is valued most.

Victor Pereboom

Victor is co-founder and CTO of Dutch Analytics. He did his bachelor in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Econometrics and a master in Control & Simulation at the Delft University of Technology. While in high school, he started his first company, which he sold at the age of 20.

During his studies, he developed a large interest in Data Science and Machine Learning. In 2014, Victor spent half a year in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem doing research on the use of data analytics in the healthcare sector.

Yannick Maltha

Yannick Maltha is co-founder and CEO of Dutch Analytics. At the Delft University of Technology he graduated cum laude in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management. During his studies, Yannick has been actively involved in the field of entrepreneurship.

Starting with his own startup, Yannick became president of the student society of YES!Delft in 2013 (4th position in the European UBI Index 2015). In his final years of his study he supported the development of a startup incubator in South Africa, and the IRPdelft team offering business projects in emerging markets around the world.

Board of Advisors

Zaid Al-Ars
Member of Board of Advisors

Zaid Al-Ars is an associate professor at the Quantum & Computer Engineering department of the Delft University of Technology, where he leads the research and education activities of the big data architectures group. His work focuses on addressing the bottlenecks in big data application scalability on multicore architectures and proposing optimized solution alternatives for system performance, memory, power, reliability, etc.  Furthermore, Dr. Al-Ars is co-founder of Bluebee, a company specialized in high performance genomics solutions.

Roel Overakker
Member of Board of Advisors

Roel Overakker is an all-round manager with experience as (supervisory) board member and consultant in several branches, such as power generation and distribution, sustainable energy, and infrastructure. He has a background in Control Engineering (Delft University of Technology), and has played an active role in field related companies such as Berenschot, Siemens, Movares and Royal HaskoningDHV.