Get to know the cases where AI is at work

“With Xenia we managed to significantly reduce the time and efforts needed for deploying and managing our AI models for detecting failures of our switch heating installations”

– Cees-Jan Mas | Projectmanager Vernieuwing at ProRail

“Developing a data science model is a first step, building the infrastructure to deploy and manage it at scale is a different story. Especially when you need to deploy and manage a multitude of models and versions with different requirements. Xenia helps us to realise this in a fast and effective way so that we can reduce the lifecycle costs of infrastructure assets.”

– Jasper Keij, Data Scientist, Arcadis

“With Xenia we are now able to deploy and manage our AI models for a tremendous amount of assets in the Dutch railway system.”

– Jorn Pruntel, Director, ASSET Rail

“With the help of Xenia we can now run our condition monitoring models for our equipment, day in day out.”

– Peter Raaijmakers, Manager Technics & QHSE, MarFlex