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“With Xenia we managed to significantly reduce the time and efforts needed for deploying and managing our AI models for detecting failures of our switch heating installations”

– Cees-Jan Mas | Projectmanager Vernieuwing at ProRail

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“With Xenia we are now able to deploy and manage our AI models for a tremendous amount of assets in the Dutch railway system.”

– Jorn Pruntel, Director, ASSET Rail

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“We’re proud as Gradyent to partner closely with Dutch Analytics as lead user of their Xenia platform – together we continue to push the limits of our AI & analytics pipelines that run real-time Digital Twins of heat networks, which we build at Gradyent.”‘

– Robert Vrancken, CTO at Gradyent

“Developing a data science model is a first step, building the infrastructure to deploy and manage it at scale is a different story. Especially when you need to deploy and manage a multitude of models and versions with different requirements. Xenia helps us to realise this in a fast and effective way so that we can reduce the lifecycle costs of infrastructure assets.”

– Jasper Keij, Data Scientist, Arcadis

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