Collaboration ASSET Rail and Dutch Analytics

October 9, 2018

We are happy to announce that one of the leading contractors of the Dutch railway system, the Dutch company ASSET Rail, has recently taken Dutch Analytics’ software solutions on board. ASSET Rail has been equipped with Dutch Analytics’ newest dashboard systems in order to check on the health of individual switches in the Dutch railway tracks. In just one view ASSET Rail’s operator can check on health and necessary measures for every single switch. This way, costly and time consuming downtime and repair can be avoided as the Dutch Analytics dashboard predicts when maintenance is needed.

In the coming months, the system will be expanded with additional data, additional AI models and new assets. Together with the valuable input of the ASSET Rail team, we trust maintenance of the Dutch railway system will profit from Dutch Analytics’ innovative solutions.

Willing to install the Dutch Analytics dashboard solution too ? Contact us for more information.

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We predict when maintenance should be performed.

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