About us

Our story

In December of 2016, two technical university graduates, Yannick Maltha & Victor Pereboom, founded Dutch Analytics. They were asked to solve a specific predictive maintenance problem for BAM Infra Rail using data science and machine learning. BAM was launching customer from day 1.

Throughout the following years Dutch Analytics successfully built and produced models and data-driven solutions for multiple clients. However, the implementation of these data science models in clients’ existing IT infrastructure turned out to be challenging and time-consuming. 

With a team of software engineers Dutch Analytics team started developing a platform called Xenia. It turned into our main product. Xenia evolved into the next generation Ops platform for data science.

Key facts

Started at the YES!Delft start-up incubator

300% Growth in 3 years

40% of the team are women

8 Nationalities in our team

Models deployed on Xenia process 6TB data/day

Our mission

To let every individual and organisation activate, manage and share their data-driven intelligence.

Our vision

To provide instant access to the world’s data-driven intelligence.

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