90% of AI algorithms are never put into operation.

Xenia changes that.

The Xenia platform by Dutch Analytics offers you an intuitive, scalable and secure environment for deployment and lifecycle management of your data science models, without requiring any DevOps knowledge.

Xenia in a nutshell

Seamless. Scalable. Secure.

Deploy in minutes

Get your algorithms up and running. Within minutes, not months.

Manage & Scale

Manage it all without effort. Keep track of performance. Scale automatically.

Be independent

Full flexibility in which data science framework or libraries you use.

User Interface

Transparency through an intuitive UI


Connect easily with existing systems.


We care about keeping things safe.

Why choose Xenia?

With Xenia you do not have to manage any infrastructure, such as servers, network and clusters yourself. You deploy your model in minutes and it will scale automatically. It’s that simple.

Do you know?

Many organisations make powerful data science models to create tremendous value, but struggle to put them into operation. The potential value therefore never materialises. This results in unnecessary efforts and waste of money.

  • 90% of AI models never get into operation
  • 35% of organisations succeeds to get any type of model into operation
  • 90% of models take more than 3 months to deploy
  • 50% of models take over 6 months to be put into production
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